Presenters 2015

Below is a preview of some of our presenters for the first Limmud TLV!  For more presenters, please see the Hebrew list here.  We have indicated the language in which the presenters will speak.


Yosef is the co-founder of - an online photography community.
Guitarist, Educator, Arranger and Composer, Amir is the founder of Demitzio studio.


Antoine is an executive coach and trainer in relational intelligence and change management.
Shai is a pianist, composer, conductor and music teacher.
Gaddi is a post-doc in zoology and brain sciences at Tel Aviv University.
Amit is Executive Director of Adam Teva V'Din - an Israeli environmental NGO.


Emmanuel CohnEnglish / Hebrew
Emanuel is a film teacher, scriptwriter and actor.
Nurith is a filmmaker with a degree in film studies from Maale Film School.
Jeff Cymet is the rabbi of a new and growing Masorti community in Ramat Aviv.


Shai DavisEnglish
Shai is the co-founder of - an online photography community.
Olga DeutschHebrew and English
Olga is a seasoned professional in business development and strategic consulting
Maurice is a researcher and film maker.


Ronny Edry (graphic designer) is co-founder of the Peace Factory.
Aharon (Ari) was born into a Charedi family and after many years in a Yeshiva, he joined the Israeli Army.


David is the Director of the Schusterman Foundation, Israel.
Elliot is a teacher at BINA and volunteers for Right Now: Advocates for Asylum Seekers.
Nechama teaches rabbinic text and contemporary halacha at Pardes and Matan.
Gabriele Grego is the Managing Partner of two investment funds focusing on Value Investing
Chaya founded and directs a pluralistic, integrated gap-year program at the Hartman Institute.


Mishy is one of the anchors of the radio show Sipur Israeli.
Noam is a rabbinical student and is involved in interfaith projects.
Ruth is a Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist and Certified Focusing Trainer.


Originally from England, moving to Israel led this presenter to a 30 year career in the Mossad.
Henry works in the field of travel and tourism to Israel.
Elissa is the Community Manager at ROI Community.

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Paz LaghaiEnglish
Paz Laghai is a relationship / life coach.
Chaim is the founding director of Perspectives, a grassroots initiative changing the discourse on Israel.
Larry ShaharHebrew and English
Tinker, Thinker, Story teller I am an innovation expert, joint-CEO at Demaya
David LevyEnglish
David is an oleh from Canada who teaches at the Academic College of Tel Aviv - Yaffo
Eryn is an olah from the US who is studying to become an orthodox rabbi.
Benji is a comedian whose comedy presents his perspective on Israel.


Joseph MachiahEnglish/French
Joseph is an entrepreneur and management trainer.
Yochai is a writer, radio producer and filmmaker.
Natalie is the creator and head writer for the well-known comedy show “HaYehudim Baim”.
Elhanan Miller is the Arab Affairs Reporter for The Times of Israel.


Peta is Education Director at the Elijah Interfaith Institute and is interested in Orthodoxy & Feminism.


Ruben coordinates the Tikkun Olam program and is a teacher at BINA - a secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv
Renana RazEnglish
Renana Raz is a leading voice in the young generation of Israeli choreographers.
Tal RozowHebrew
Tal runs cycling tours in Israel and around the world.
Jonathan is the director of the Argov Center in the Political Studies dept. at Bar-Ilan University.


Guy SeemannEnglish and Hebrew
Guy has worked in government and politics and has founded several non-profits in Tel Aviv.
Natalie Shell is a thinker, storyteller & coach
Rabbi Susan Silverman is an author, Reform Rabbi, teacher and activist.
Gilad is a Management Consultant in South Africa and has an interest in matters of race and prejudice.
Sygall is an activist in the field of Jewish Israeli identity.


Caylee Talpert is the Deputy Director of the Pears Program for Global Innovation at TAU.
Roni has 20 years of experience in the water sector, an important resource in the Middle East.


Yael is an experiential Torah teacher based in Jerusalem.
Tanya teaches Tanach and Jewish Philosophy in Israel and abroad.


Raphael ZarumEnglish & Hebrew
Raphael Zarum is a Jewish Educator based in the UK.
Savannah Zwi is an Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.