Image credits – Festival 2017 poster

Clockwise from top left – all images sourced through Wikimedia Commons: 1) Jewish Man Looks Out over Tel Aviv Seashore – Adam Jones, Kelowna, BC, Canada 2) Tel Aviv street July 2016 – Ted Eytan 3) Tel Aviv beach – by Flickr user Ilan, 2007 4) Sculpture of David Ben Gurion – Dr. Avishai Teicher, […]

Cultures of Jewish learning – from the beit midrash of Chazal, to the beit midrash today.

Chemi Ramiel We will explore several stories about learning in the beit midrash that will present the ideal of learning and the hierarchy of knowledge in Jewish culture. Chazal’s practice in the beit midrash will be examined through a Talmudic case study that deals with boundaries and common associations in the midrash, as well as […]